The International Association of Y's Men's Club is a worldwide fellowship of persons of all faiths working together in mutual respect and affection based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and with a common loyalty to the Young Men's Christian Association striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.
Our Motto

We are living in an age of tensions. Perhaps this is the price that human race has to pay for civilized life, despite the great strides made in the overall enhancement of materialistic comforts. It cannot be said that the human race as a whole is content. Happiness is a state of mind which emanates from mental peace and serenity. It comes from within, and cannot be sought after from the external materialstic world.

Satisfaction comes out of purposefulness in life. A clear perception of the responsibilities and duties and a sincere built to exert onself in the discharge of these would alone make life purposeful. The reward is the abundant of the sense of gratification born out of a satisfaction from one's action.

There are any movements with laudable objectives and motivations. But social standing of a movement has to be assessed by the effort put in and the result achieved in realizing such objectives. The validity for the rights enjoyed by every one in the human race is the due discharge of the duties enjoined by him by the law of the land. Conventions of the society and the accepted morals of the human race is a plain truth which is well to be remembered. The motto of Y's Men keep remainding of this and if Y's Men are, inspired by this message they can inspire the community in which they live by their good conduct. They will derive the satisfaction that comes out of purposefulness.

Quite often people join service movement under an erroneous impression that they are only intended to serve as social gathering where they could merry, from new acquaintances to further thier own causes and thereby benefit by it. No doubt these must necessarily be the by products. But the material aim is the furtherance of social service inspired by our laudable motto. Where Y's Mens Club are not informed of their daily actions, the clubs do more harm than good to the movement. In all your action remember

"To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right."

Our Theme
"Serve With Love"
Our Slogan
"Be a Friend"
Our Project
"Heal The World"
  1. To encourage, promote and foster organization and maintenance of Y's Men's Club throughout the world.
  2. To Co-ordinate the activities of all affiliating clubs by providing training materials and personal leadership development.
The objective of affiliating clubs are
  1. To function primarily as service club for the YMCA.
  2. To Support other worthy organizations by personal service and united effort.
  3. To encourage justice in civic and international affairs, abstaining always from party politics.
  4. To keep members informed on and actively involved in religious, civic, economic, social and international matters.
  5. To cultivate good fellowship.
  6. To Support International, Regional projects of the Association.
A Y's Mens Club has two auxiliary clubs, namely Y's Menette's Club & Y'sLing's Club.
Y's Menette's Club

A Y's Menette is a member of Y's Menette's club. Y's Menette are wives of Y's Men and assists in the projects of Y's Men and community.
Y's Menettes Clubs plan and carry out programmes and projects of their own in support of Y's Men's club, the YMCA and the community at local, District, Regional, Area and International levels.
The person in charge of Y's Menette club at the Regional level is the Regional Service Director for Y's Menette. In some region she is called 'Regional Director for Y's Menette'. The international leader is called the 'International Director'for Y's Menettes.

Y'sLing's Club

Y'sling is the child of a Y's Man. At club levels they can form a separate club and do various activities. They can continue the membership till they got married.